Hello there! I'm Ressa,
and this is my audio outsourcing studio


Located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

RECENT projects

Mobile, Social, PC, VR titles.


  • Audio direction
  • Audio management
  • Asset making
  • Implementation
  • R&D
  • marketing/cutscene audio

why Gameowdio

13 years of expertise 

I've been making interactive audio since 2009 as a freelancer, having founded my outsourcing studio in June, 2021.

Most effective audio strategies

Best solutions regarding your budgets and deadlines, finding audio teams most appropriate for every project.

Any style, any genre, any platform

Wide range of audio aesthetics for mobile, PC, social, VR games.

Research and development

Designing and building audio systems for unusual projects from scratch.

Catchy tunes!

Got those if you need earworms!